QuantumR Flux 4S 1/8 4WD Muscle Car - Black/Red
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QuantumR Flux 4S 1/8 4WD Muscle Car - Black/Red

QuantumR Flux 4S 1/8 4WD Muscle Car - Black/Red

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QuantumR Flux 4S 1/8 4WD Muscle Car - Black/Red

Meet the Maverick QuantumR FLUX 4S

The super realistic new QuantumR Muscle Car features high quality hard plastic mirrors, extra-wide front splitter, high-angle rear spoiler and perhaps best of all: your choice of trick scale engine accessories! Yes, every QuantumR ships with 2 engine configurations: Supercharger with intake scoop AND Twin Turbos with Front Mount Intercooler for the ultimate "garage special" car look!
Accentuating this beast's mean low center of gravity are the plastic front and rear splitter and diffuser for all-out drag race winning, ground hugging, downforce!

The QuantumR nails looks and performance in equal measures and we're also giving you a choice of eye catching styles to take home: 

Classic racer Blue - MV150310
Daily muscle Grey - MV150311
Night Hawk Black/Red - MV150350

...And it's more than all good under the hood!

The QuantumR Muscle Car has been optimized from the chassis up for excellent high speed handling, with a raft of features including extra-thick shock towers supporting big bore aluminum shocks. Suspension arms optimized for on-road driving feature pillow-ball suspension, super-tough 17mm hex hubs and new black racing wheels wrapped in Tredz traction hungry, quality belted rubber Vortex tires from HPI Racing.

However, all this equipment needs a rugged backbone to cope with the demands of the brutal 4S system, plus the inevitable bumps and rolls along the way, so the HPI Racing design team specified ultra-strong Heavy Duty parts throughout, including a full HD drivetrain: That means HD Front CVDs, HD rear driveshafts and rear axles, HD center driveshafts, and HD drive cups. The suspension is reinforced with HD Front and Rear Turnbuckles and a foam front bumper, all housed within the tough, yet flexible polycarbonate body.

⚡️ 4S! More Brushless POWER Than EVER!⚡

Using the same powerplant as its brother Race Truck, the QuantumR Muscle Car is fitted with mind-blowing 4S brushless power and a 120 amp LiPo-ready speed controller! The FLX10-4S120 Flux 120A waterproof ESC and FLX10-3675-2250KV Flux Motor form an unstoppable power force for amazing road racing power! And with the ability to handle a 4S LiPo battery for up to 14.8 volts of LiPo power, you'll see mind-blowing speeds and amazing power drifts every time you pull the trigger!

Unleashing this level of power is a testament to the resilience of the QuantumR and our commitment for Maverick to provide the absolute Best Bash for your Buck!

The QuantumR Muscle Car features the same bespoke TREDZ Vortex on-road tire from HPI Racing. With a pure racing tread design and durable rubber compound, it's also belted for extra durability and longer life. Each tire is wrapped around a brand new retro-styled wheel which features a 17mm hex hub for maximum durability!
QuantumR Flux 4S 1/8 4WD Muscle Car - Blue - MV150310

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