Absima 1:7 Rock Racer "MAMBA 7" Green 6S BL RTR - AB17001

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Absima 1:7 Rock Racer "MAMBA 7" Green 6S BL RTR

Absima 1:7 Rock Racer "MAMBA 7" Green 6S BL RTR

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Absima 1:7 Rock Racer "MAMBA 7" Green 6S BL RTR

"Scary how much power this thing has, but the handling is awesome!"
That was the first comment when we took the prototype out for its first test drive. Size aside, this vehicle offers so much that we don't even know where to start. The name "MAMBA" resulted from our first experiences, because the driving behavior could be described as "biting". However, the built-in electronics and the remote control offer enough possibilities to adapt the vehicle to the respective driving skills of the pilot despite all its power.
„The maximum speed is in your own hands!“
On one hand, you can throttle the vehicle down to a humane maximum speed using a rotary knob on the remote control. On the other hand, a "beginner mode" is available, which can also be set via the remote control and reduces the maximum power to 50%. The operation is basically also possible with 2x 2S LiPos. However, if you want to get the full performance of +/- 100 km/h, you should tend to very powerful 2x 3S LiPo batteries with a high C-rate (60C +) and good internal resistance. For further fine tuning, a separately available programming box is available.
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  • Programmable 150A Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) 17001_08-001.jpg
  • 4282size Brushless Motor with 2000KV
  • Aluminum Middle Differential Case
  • Hardened steel drive components
  • 4mm "One-Piece" Aluminum Chassis Plate

Biteful design!
  • A multi-piece very detailed body available in neon-green or neon-orange
  • LED front headlights, taillights and light bar on the roof
  • Fully detailed interior with 2 figures, dashboard and control panel
  • Roll cage, driver safety nets
  • Multi-terrain wheels with beadlock-look and closed hubcaps     
  • Full size spare wheel
  • Optional mountable wheelie bar     
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Chassis and Drive Units:
  • "One-Piece" 4mm aluminum chassis - anodized and with ABSIMA engraving 
  • “Tower-to-Tower” Aluminum braces for maximum durability
  • Center differential with sturdy aluminum housing 
  • Metal differential outdrives 
  • 5mm Steel drive shafts and CVD shafts at the front
  • 6mm CNC Aluminum shock towers
  • Adjustable aluminum oil-filled shock absorbers 
  • Aluminum wheel hubs and steering arms
  • Aluminum steering brace
  • Aluminum wishbone bracket front and rear
  • Aluminum motor mount and center differential mount
  • Wishbones made of glass fiber reinforced material 
  • 5mm Threaded rods front and rear 
  • Completely ball bearing mounted drive train 
  • Extra-rugged front bumper and spare wheel holder 
  • Stabilizer set front and rear       
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Elektronic components:
The ABSIMA CR4S 4-channel remote control including R4WP-Micro receiver has a foam rubber steering wheel and a "beginner mode" which reduces the engine power to 50%. In addition, you have 2 more channels available to control, for example, the separately available mechanical handbrake.
Fast and precise 25kg steering servo with metal gear.
Big car, big motor! A 4282 brushless motor with 2000KV provide plenty of propulsion. This monster with 42mm diameter and 82mm length is cooled by two 30mm high-speed fans.         
The ESC with its 150A continuous current also has a fan which ensures a perfect operating temperature. The electronics are powered by either two 2S batteries or two 3S batteries with XT90 high current connectors which fit perfectly into the two battery compartments in the rear of the vehicle. Due to the well thought-out distribution of all components, an optimal weight distribution is guaranteed. 
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Scale: 1/7
Drivetrain: 4WD
Length: 680mm
Width: 380mm
Height: 230mm
Weight: 5,8kg (without batteries)    
Ground Clearance: 55mm
Wheelbase: 419mm
Track front/rear: 330mm/320mm     
Chassis: One-Piece 4mm Aluminum Chassis Plate    
Suspension: Independent    
Shock Absober (front): 110mm, oil-filled    
Shock Absorber (rear): 130mm, oil-filled  
Wheels: 165x63mm, All-Terrain
Rims: ø90mm; Beadlock-look    
Ball Bearing: Complete ball bearing drive train    
Motor Type: Brushless, Sensorless
Motor Power: 2000KV
Motor Size: 4282 (ø42mm x Length 82mm)    
Motor Cooling: 2* High-Speed Fans mounted on a Aluminum Heatsink    
Pinion: 13T, Modul 1.0
Spur Gear: 50T
Final Drive Ratio: 15.1
Electronic Speed Controller: 150A ESC with XT90 Plugs and Cooling Fan    
Load: 150A Continuous / 720A Peak
BEC: 6.1V or 7.4V / 3A (Switch Mode)
ESC programmable: YES (with optional program box)    
Drive System: 5mm CVD Shafts (front) and 5mm Metal Cardan Shafts         
Battery Compartments: 4,9 x 15,5 cm
Operation with: 2* 2S/7.4V LiPo Batteries or 2* 3S/11.1V LiPoBatteries    
High Speed: +/-100 km/h (with 2x 3S LiPo batteries)    
Radio: „CR4S“ 4-Channel 2.4GHz  
Steering Servo: 25kg, Metal Gear
1/7 Rock Racer "MAMBA 7" 6S RTR - GREEN VERSION
4-CH Radio "CR4S" including R4WP-Micro Receiver
17mm Aluminum Wheel Wrench
Various spare parts (Velcro, beadlock screws...) 
Manuals for Car and Radio (DE/ENG/FR)
LiPo Charger
LiPo Batteries (2* 2S/7.4V or 2* 3S/11.1V) with XT90 Plugs
4* AA Mignon Batteries
1710096 - CNC Servo Saver Set
1710102 - Program Box
1710103 - Mechanical Hand Brake (incl. Servo)
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